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Meet Brooklyn Supreme The world’s largest horse!, Whose Greatest Delight Was Stealing Candy From Little Kids!

Brooklyn “Brookie” Supreme April 12, 1928 – September 6, 1948 was a red roanBelgian stallion noted for his extreme size. Although disputed, the horse may be the world record holder for largest (but not tallest) horse[3][6] and was designated the world’s heaviest horse.He stood 19.2 hands tall and weighed 3,200 lb with a girth of 10 ft 2 in His horseshoes required 30 in of iron.

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The horse was foaled on the Minneapolis, Minnesota farm of Earle Brown, who first exhibited it. Before becoming oversized, the stallion “had been Grand Champion of his breed in many state fairs”.One of his great-grandfathers was another famous horse, Farceur 7332.

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For much of his fame, Brooklyn Supreme was owned by a man named C. G. Good of Ogden, Iowa; Ralph M. Fogleman of Callender, Iowa partnered with Good and exhibited the horse around the US,charging spectators 10 cents to view the animal.

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According to an old newspaper clipping, Brooklyn was a gentle giant that enjoyed stealing food from unsuspecting kids who wanted to pet him.


“Brooklyn Supreme may be 3,200 pounds of solid, magnificent horse flesh, sinew and brawn, but Brooklyn Supreme is a surprisingly gentle fellow whose greatest delight is stealing ice cream cones and goodies from unsuspecting little boys and girls.”

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“Yes sir he just love sweets,” his exhibitor Ralph M Fogleman explains. “You watch and see what happens when that kid comes in with that candied apple on a stick.”

Sure enough, a youngster stood entranced below the towering head and shoulders above him. His candied apple was momentarily forgotten.

Brooklyn Supreme calmly reached down, picked it out of his hand, and in a twinkling had separated sweet from stick and stood there smacking his lips.