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Meet CoBi, a 7 seater Conference Bike To Have “Meetings” On-The-Go


The Conference Bike, also known to many as the CoBi, is a revolutionary way to bring people together. Invented by world-renowned artist Eric Staller, the CoBi is a 7-seater bike moved effortless along by a 4 durable wheels.

source/image: conferencebike

And just when you think that the CoBi is designed only for transportation and fitness, it has been also popularly used during fund-raising events and bike advocacy groups all over the world.

Indeed, it is both a tool and symbol for bringing people together. The bike can carry a combined weight of 700 kg and weighs a hefty 200kg itself. It measures in at 2.5×1.8×1.4 m and can go as fast as 15 km per hour.


The ConferenceBike is used primarily for tourism, and used as a team building tool at corporations and university campuses. Google Inc. has nine bikes in use for transportation and team building on their campus.

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