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Meet eMMa ,A Hippo That Was Rescued When She Was Just a Week Old!

Whilst Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary has grown to be the largest rhino sanctuary in the world, the center remains committed to rescuing all of Africa’s wildlife. As a baby, eMMa was found stuck and abandoned in the drainage system of a nearby dam.

image/text credit: Working With Rhinos

She was brought into the sanctuary for treatment and now acts as a surrogate to her fellow baby hippo companion, Molly.Now a bit older and healthier, eMMa acts as a big sister to a younger hippo orphan named Molly.

The man in this video rescued a baby hippo now called eMMa. She has grown a lot since the rescue, but she still shows appreciation to the man who saved her life.


Care for Wild Africa is a non-profit organisation and the largest rhino orphanage in the world! It is determined to rescue, care, and rehabilitate wildlife that has been injured and/or orphaned. Working with Rhinos is an official agent of the Care for Wild Africa Rhino Sanctuary.