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Meet “IRIS eTrike” – The Next Generation Electric Trike

SUPER FAST – IRIS eTrike® has been developed to be a consumer friendly version of the world’s fastest, human powered bike concepts. The body design is inspired by aerodynamic helmets used for velodrome bike racing. Classified as a pedelec electric tricycle.

image/text credit: grantsinclair

(EAPC road legal with no license or insurance required for age 14+), IRIS includes as standard a restricted 250 watt pedal assist motor that starts as soon as pedalling is detected.

image/text credit: grantsinclair

High gearing gives the rider extra momentum to continue pedalling from 15.5mph to 30mph.Other motor options are available at checkout for different territories or off-road use (up to 1000 watt).

Chest height, high level profile attracts attention from other road users. Next generation Quantum Foam EPP body material protects rider (similar to crash helmet tech used for skiing).


Three wheel trike format makes riding safer in all weather. LED headlamps, indicator-repeaters & brake lights aid visibility.

Lockable rear compartment can carry up to 50 litres. Ideal for personal shopping or business use e.g. Paramedics, express couriers or food delivery. Custom design body skins available (ideal for company fleet purchase).