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Meet RoboSimian – NASA JPL’s Ape-Like Robot!

NASA JPL’s RoboSimian robot stood out at the DARPA Robotics Challenge as one of the few non-humanoid designs. The use of four versatile limbs allows it to adapt to the test scenario in ways that would be difficult for a bipedal robot.

image/test credit: Tested

We chat with Katie Byl of the UC Santa Barbara Robotics Lab, whose team programmed RoboSimian, to learn about the advantages of a quadruped design and how RoboSimian may be utilized in complex environments like being underground or even in space!

RoboSimian uses its four general purpose limbs and hands, capable of both mobility and manipulation, to achieve passively stable stances.


Establish multi-point anchored connections to supports such as ladders, railings, and stair treads; and brace itself during forceful manipulation operations.