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Meet the 89-Year Old Who Built a Train in His Backyard

The future of train transportation might be pneumatic tubes and magnets. Meet the 89-year old entrepreneur who wants to disrupt the railroad with a modern twist on a very old train idea.The 89-year-old retired engineer Max P. Schlienger of Flight Rail Corp. built a giant train set, known as the VECTORR system, that travels through his vineyard in Mendocino, California.

imate/text credit: WIRED

Max explained to Wired that his amazing train system depends on magnets and is pulled along with pressure and vacuum tubes.In fact, he has developed a new method of train propulsion by building a model in his backyard!

Between the rails lies a PVC pipe, 12 inches in diameter, connected to a pump that can draw all of the air out of the pipe or fill it.


By separating the locomotive and its fuel from the train, it becomes far lighter and more efficient. Since it’s powered by electricity and uses magnets, it could run on renewable sources of energy. Just goes to show you, you’re never too old to create something new!