Home Technology Meet The AG Cormorant, A VTOL Farming Drone With 500kg Payload

Meet The AG Cormorant, A VTOL Farming Drone With 500kg Payload


ADAMA and Tactical Robotics have begun a feasibility study to evaluate the potential for aerial spraying using the Ag-Cormorant.

source/image(PrtSc): ADAMA Agricultural Solutions Ltd

The video demonstrates an innovative vision for the future of aerial spraying application in the agricultural industry. In this first test, the aircraft is flying out of ground effect (OGE) for initial calibration of the system.read more: tactical-robotics

The Cormorant is a VTOL Drone with 500kg payload capacity that can be used for fire-fighting and aerial spraying.This farming drone will spray farms without putting any pilots at risk.


The Cormorant is a compact, unmanned, single-engine, VTOL aircraft. Internal lift rotors enable the Cormorant to fly inside obstructed (e.g. mountainous, wooded, urban) terrain where helicopters are unable to operate.

VIAADAMA Agricultural Solutions Ltd
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