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Meet The Baldi Frog! The Most Adorable Car Ever!

Meet the Baldi Frog! Built from 1973 – 1975, this tiny car is hilariously fun to drive. There are only three of them in the US and this fine specimen is owned by Mark Lieberman of Nostalgic Motoring LTD.This fiberglass-bodied, Fiat 500-based microcar was built in San Remo, Italy by Carrozziere (Coachbuilder) G.A.M.C. Baldi.

image credit: Steve Lehto

Baldi produced several different Fiat and Renault-based models, but the Frog was by far the most popular. First shown at the 1973 Paris Salon, Baldi’s intent was to produce a practical car with the smallest possible size, as a solution to urban traffic congestion.

Being only 85 inches (215cm) long, it is a whole 4 inches (10cm) shorter than a Smart car, and 20 inches shorter than the Fiat 500 upon which it is based. Three engines were offered, ranging from 125cc to 595cc. This Frog is a “Rally” edition with the largest 595cc engine.


Built for only two years, the Frog went out of production after only 300 were produced.The miniature car is driven by a 595 cc two-cylinder air-cooled Fiat engine. This is the high-performance “Rally” version of the Frog. It was available with smaller engines as well, but this setup can get the car to a scorching 60 MPH.