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Meet The “Cassowary” Is this Bird a Living Dinosaur?

All birds are living dinosaurs, but the dagger-clawed cassowary especially looks the part. Here’s everything you need to know about the majestic—and terrifying—avians.Coyote Peterson has the opportunity to get face to face with a modern day Dinosaur, the Cassowary!

image/text credit: Brave Wilderness 

The Southern Cassowary is endangered in its native range of Papua New Guinea and Northern Australia and is regarded as one of the most prehistoric species of bird on the planet.

The first thing to note is the sheer size of a cassowary. These monster birds are roughly six feet tall — though some females can be as tall as 6’6″. They weigh in around 130 pounds. Not that that slows them down at all.THis Reminds us of another 6-foot, fast-running, high-jumping animal The Velociraptor.


Just one look at their scaly feet or prominent helmet like casque will have you convinced you’ve traveled back in time…or that you’ve landed right in the middle of a Jurassic Park movie set! There is real concern that cassowaries could go the way of their dinosaur relatives: they are endangered in Australia, with perhaps no more then 1500 individuals left in the wild.