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Meet The Electric Bus From Proterra – Driving the Transportation Revolution

Communities are growing and evolving, and with that, our transportation needs are changing. Now more than ever, we need smart solutions that provide safer, more reliable and cleaner transit. Every day, Proterra works to meet those needs, with the world’s best-performing zero-emission buses.

image/text credit: proterra

Our revolutionary battery-electric buses help fleet operators abandon fossil fuels, improve environmental quality and reduce operating costs. Proterra is revolutionizing mass transit with its zero-tailpipe-emissions, battery-electric buses. Find out how communities throughout North America are adopting Proterra transit vehicles into their fleets.

image/text credit: proterra

An innovator in heavy-duty electric transportation announces it has set a world record for driving the longest distance ever traveled by an electric vehicle on a single charge at the navistar proving grounds in new carlisle, indiana. proterra’s 40-foot ‘catalyst E2 max’ electric bus traveled 1,101.2 miles (1,772.2 km) this month with just 660 kWh of energy storage capacity.


For the last three consecutive years, proterra has demonstrated improved range and battery performance. during september 2017, the american-manufacturer drove 603 miles (970 km) with 440 kWh of energy storage, and in 2015, it drove 258 miles (415 km) with 257kWh of energy storage on a single charge.via(designboom).

This year’s world record range marks exceptional performance improvements over previous years, and underscores the zero-emission bus company’s commitment to innovation and accelerating the mass adoption of heavy-duty electric vehicles.