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Meet The I-Bus 300 4×4 Series Motorhome

Introducing the I-Bus 300 4×4 Series Motorhome built on the popular Isuzu chassis and 4×4 drive train. With a little over 7 metres, this quality motorhome can fit into most medium parking spaces while at the same time take you around Australia over any terrain.

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The I-Bus 300 4WD Series is powered by the well renowned Isuzu 75-155 truck drive train. These front engine buses are suited to a much wider demographic by providing better handling capabilities with weight being more evenly distributed over the front axle.

image/text credit: I-Bus Australia Pty Ltd

Buses can be custom made with extended chassis and suspension options.With a choice of 4 fitout options such as the Core, Executive or Premium Series, this motorhome layout gives you ample space including a walk through body.


All 4×4 Motorhomes are fully customisable to your requirements and our professional designers and tradespeople can match your exact requirements.via(4x4motorhomes).

During the build stage, you are welcome to see the progress of your vehicle on appointment. We will click pictures to update you on the progress of the build. We do not deliver vehicles until they have reached the standards we have set and fulfilled your requirements.We also warrant 12 months on our fitouts and 4×4 conversions.