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Meet the Intern Who Wrote Solitaire for Microsoft

In 1988, Wes Cherry was an intern at Microsoft when he created a game that would change the lives of office workers forever. That game was Solitaire. At the time there weren’t many desktop computer games and most households still didn’t have personal computers.

So, out of sheer boredom, Cherry created Solitaire. With the approval of Microsoft founder Bill Gates, the company decided to include the game as part of its Windows program.

And thus commenced countless hours of wasted time. From procrastinators everywhere, thanks, Wes.Microsoft has included the game as part its Windows product line since Windows 3.0, starting from 1990


The game was developed in 1989 by then intern Wes Cherry. The card deck itself was designed by Macintosh pioneer Susan Kare.Until the Windows XP version, the card backs were the original works designed by Susan Kare, and many were animated.