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Meet the King of Fake Cash!

It’s no secret that most of the money you see in movies or music videos is fake, but what might surprise you is that most of it comes from one source. Rich “RJ” Rappaport started RJR Props nine years ago as a full-service prop shop, but his specialty is fake cash.

As you can imagine, making fake money is a highly regulated endeavor that is closely watched by federal authorities, so Rappaport has to be extra careful to ensure his fakes never make it into circulation.

Still, when your prop money is the go-to for rap videos and has been featured in over 175 films and shows, we think it’s safe to say that your cash is king.


High-Grade prop money looks exactly like real money, but it’s only printer on one side.  It looks so real, if we printed on the back side, it would illegal.  So we have to leave 1 side blank.  Use this money for close up shots.  Most videos get 2-3 stacks for their close-ups.