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Meet the Man Creating Freakily, Disturbingly Realistic Masks

What does it take to make a face? Try $4,500. At Landon Meier’s studio, you can try on a new face for a day. Meier specializes in creating hyper-realistic (and hyper-expensive) masks that could easily pass for the real thing.

image/text credit: Great Big Story

Take a test run at being Walter White, or try on Mike Tyson for size—Meier’s surreal and nightmarish creations cover a whole range of celebrities and politicians, including the ever-popular viral sensation “Crying Baby.”

Making these masks is no easy task—each one could take up to a year to complete. But for Meier, watching the astonished reactions to his craft makes it all worth it.He uses latex and silicon masks that are wearable and resemble almost 100 per cent to the original individual.


Meier has made some TERRIFYINGLY realistic masks of some of the key players in this year’s presidential election.Today, his aptly-named company Hyperflesh is renowned for making some of the most accurate Halloween masks in the world.