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Meet The Man Teaching Robot Artists To Paint Like Humans

Robots are now capable of creating art and making decisions about beauty. We’ll visit with one of the world’s leading robot artist builders Pindar Van Arman and he’ll show us how his machines see the world and make creative decisions as they paint.

source/image(PrtSc):  VICE News 

bitPaintr is a robot that paints portraits using a mix of its artificial intelligence, my artistic direction, and your input.The robot in question has a mind of its own. Van Arman, a software engineer by day and artist by night, has invented a robot with artificial intelligence./VICE News 

And he’s taught it to paint masterpieces. The robot has become so smart, it barely needs any input from Van Arman. “The weirdest thing it showed me is that I’m not as creative as I thought. It’s now better than me at painting,” he says with a laugh.


bitPaintr will analyze the submitted photograph using a variety of AI algorithms and immediately begin painting it.Depending on the complexity of the style selected, paintings will take between 5 minutes and 24 hours./VICE News