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Meet The Rook, An Armored Critical Incident Vehicle

The Rook is a custom built critical incident vehicle, fabricated by Ring Power Corporation. It uses a Cat 287C Multi-Terrain Loader. Law enforcement agencies are discovering the advantages of using The Rook in specific situations.

image/text credit: Ring Power Cat

The Rook tactical vehicle is build from a Cat chassis and contains rubber tracks, dual joystick controls, cameras, gun port holes, rear and front lights, an enclosed cab with air conditioning/heat and operator comfort seat, custom installed bullet-proof glass, and NIJ Level IV armor cab reinforcement fabrication.via(ringpower).

The Rook is custom designed with mission specific attachments that increase job safety, while also improving the ease and speed of changing attachments. The Armored Deployment Platform (ADP) allows officers to approach a structure without covering open exposed ground on foot.


Officers easily gain entry to the second story of a house, building or hellicopter without a ladder, allowing them to search the area from the top down without using stairways to work their way up. The ADP is also used to deploy snipers to a rooftop.