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Meet This Bizarre Alien Of The Deep – The Goblin Shark!

When it finds a target, the goblin shark can shoot its entire jaw mechanism forward to spear the creature with its needle-sharp teeth – much like the Xenomorph in Alien movie franchise.The mysterious prehistoric-looking sea creature lives at the bottom of the ocean and has a distinctive fleshy snout and nail-like teeth – as well as a flabby pink body.

image credit: Discovery 

Its large snout is packed with sensors that can detect if prey fish, squid or crabs is near.”They are not caught terribly often. They are not encountered terribly often at all.”The animal’s jaw mechanism, which shoots forward when it detects prey and then retracts under its fleshy, spade-shaped snout, fascinating.

image credit: Discovery 

Based on their physical attributes, which have been detailed above, it is believed that these creatures are indeed sluggish and they prefer to dwell in a mid-water habitat.We do know that they can swim in depths of 130 to 3,940 ft (40 m to 1,200 m), however the majority of these fish that have been caught were at depths of 200 ft to 920 ft (60 m to 280 m) off the shores of Japan.


In fact, about half of the known Goblin Sharks were spotted in the waters of Japan, mostly in Sagami and Suruga Bays. Other sightings took place in Southern Africa, Kaikura, New Zealand, and Madeira.

One of the most interesting features of this shark is the way they bit their food source. Their mouth actually extends outward from their body and can move independently. A truly amazing ability!As mentioned earlier, Goblin Sharks have ampullae of Lorenzini covering their snouts, and small eyes.