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Meet Thor ET-One Fully electric Semi Truck – New Competitor of Tesla’s Fully Electric Semi Truck

Dakota Semler, the 25-year-old founder and chief executive officer of Thor Trucks, has developed with his team an all-electric semi that’s been dubbed the ET-One.The ET-One is the first product from the company and Semler hopes it will be the flagship model in a robust, customizable line that will also eventually include delivery vans and work vehicles.

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ET-One was built to haul 80,000 pounds with instant torque at zero RPM. It’s a powerful tool designed to get the job done, stay on the road, and save operators money. The Thor Powertrain is the heart of every vehicle built. It is what gives the vehicle its unique driving characteristics and sets it apart from a conventional semi-truck.

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The Thor version also uses a 22-inch touchscreen on its dashboard which communicates with the vehicle’s electric motor and battery packs, which can carry the truck 300 miles on a charge. Thor is hoping to bring the ET-One to market in 2019 at an estimated starting price of $150,000.


Gone is everything you knew about electric vehicles. Electric is powerful, electric is sexy, and electric is here to stay.Thor’s battery pack is designed specifically for commercial heavy-duty applications.

The battery pack is comprised of the highest energy density lithium-ion cylindrical cells available.Thor is looking forward to new battery technologies that have potential to allow for rapid charging or longer ranges. We are ready to adapt to new technologies as they are commercially available.