Home Technology Meet Water Walker, A Futuristic Underwater Treadmill For Exercise!

Meet Water Walker, A Futuristic Underwater Treadmill For Exercise!


The Water Walker & Spa Steed Pro Athlete is your aqua training champion, using spindle jets to apply various loads to achieve your ideal training requirement. Walking in water is gentle on your limbs and joints but still packs a mean exercise punch. Ideal for the serious athlete and water lovers.

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It is a premium specification applicable for even custom-order color or carbon fiber material. It can be coordinated according to your preference and interior décor. Based on aqua training walking, speed adjustable up to 11 km / h.Equipped with two spindle jets as resistance, 14 strong power running jets, a wide range of aqua training is possible.read more:  water-walke

It is a 3-way function in one machine which is also equipped with a relaxation spa function and body shower function as well. Microbubble warm bath is available in the relaxation spa function.


It can be used for wide occasions such as walking training for the elderly, maintenance and improvement of health, training for athletes. It can be coordinated with custom order design color, ideal for hotels, resort facilities, athletes’ training facilities, etc.