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Menzi Muck Spider Four-Wheeled Walking Excavator


Menzi Muck Series M5 is the top in its category and with its weight of 10.7 tons produces the same power as the 20-tonne excavator. Its crossing hydraulic legs with several types of drive allow it to work even under the most difficult conditions.

source.image: Menzimuck eu

Engineered for the most challenging environments, this state-of-the-art machine excels on steeply angled mountains, in aquatic projects, and through dense, overgrown terrain. The Spider’s unparalleled agility and robustness make it the definitive technological innovation for extreme terrain work.

The Menzi Muck M545x, often referred to as the “Ferrari of spider excavators,” is a high-performance, versatile machine designed for heavy-duty work in challenging terrains.


With its sophisticated high-tech chassis and patented boom, this walking excavator adapts to any terrain, making it ideal for operations such as anchoring in ski regions, forest road and road construction, and laying foundations for electric pylons and cable car pylons. Features: Smooth Vx-Drive by Menzi up to 15 km/h. P-Vation parallel stabilizers by Menzi. Four equally sized wheels up to a width of 800 mm. Mountain stabilizers (optionally: front and/or rear). Weight > 13,500 kg. Request.