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Meticulously Crafted 4×4 Camper Van Tour


Join Michael on an intimate tour of his meticulously crafted van home, a reflection of his passion for freedom, innovation, and the open road. As a veteran of the van life movement, Michael has transformed a simple vehicle into a marvel of modern nomadic living.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Michael’s kitchen is a testament to efficient design and personal taste. With metal lockers from Ikea providing ample storage and a surface for his cherished travel magnets, this area is optimized for usability and comfort. The single induction stove top and tiny sink maximize living space without sacrificing the joy of cooking.

The bedroom, Michael’s declared favorite sleep spot, features a mattress that promises unparalleled comfort. It’s a cozy nook designed for relaxation and entertainment, complete with reading lights and essential controls within arm’s reach.


Michael has equipped his van with a 1100 watt B RV portable power bank, supplemented by solar panels and additional portable units. This system ensures he stays charged and connected, no matter where he parks.Michael details how he sustains his nomadic life through consultancy work, aiding fellow travelers and van builders. As he seeks new horizons in Utah, his business ouly continues to grow, ready to assist more people in making their van life dreams come true.