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Mig-105 Hypersonic Soviet Space Interceptor Concept


The Soviet Winged Orbital Launch Vehicle, a visionary project by the Soviet Air Force, aimed for a horizontal takeoff/horizontal landing, reusable space launch system akin to conventional aircraft.

source.image: Hazegrayart

Developed by Mikoyan from 1960 to 1976, it featured a reusable hypersonic air-breathing booster, two expendable rocket stages, and the Spiral manned spaceplane.

Hindered by inadequate government funding, it only reached subscale flight tests by the mid-1970s. Development ceased in 1976, giving way to the Buran, a Soviet version of the U.S. space shuttle.


However, the concept saw a resurgence in the 1980s as the MAKS spaceplane, embodying technological evolution and human perseverance in aerospace innovation.