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Mind Reader Amazes Mel B and Howie Mandel

Colin Cloud is a mind reader who appeared on America’s Got Talent this week and melted everyone’s minds.Nevermind the fact that he looks like a ridiculous literary character from 1820’s London, he started off his bit by licking Mel B’s palm.

Surprisingly, she didn’t just slap him in the face and end the sketch right there. This was great for the crowd because Colin Cloud was somehow able to ascertain Mel B’s recent diet based on the sweat he tasted in her palm. Yes, that’s disgusting, but it’s also pretty remarkable.

After that grotesque moment, Colin Cloud went on to blow some damn minds. It’s possible that Colin has hacked his phone to open on any code, I guess, but that seems like a comically elaborate scheme for something so mundane.


If Colin did mindfuck the group into guessing his code that truly was insanely impressive.Next, Colin did some good ol’ fashioned mind reading and suddenly this video is the #1 trending video on YouTube.