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Mini Crosser X-CAB All-Terrain Mobility Scooter


The Mini Crosser X-model with cabine, is the strongest and most comfortable scooter in the market, in a new design. It is built in the nordic for nordic climate and terrain, with high drive and good comfort.

source.image: minicrosser

The cabin is built on the new Mini crosser X model chassis and comes in 2 versions, X1 or X2. The X2 has a digital display with tilt indicator, trip counter and speedometer. The display on the Mini crosser X1 is intuitive and easy to understand.

In addition, both models come with four-finger grips, and brand new LED lights that really light up the road in the dark. Mini crosser X model has new suspension for even better shock absorption and comfort. It also makes it easier to overcome obstacles and avoids sock and vibrations in the handlebars when driving on uneven ground.


The multi-adjustable handlebar is equipped with a universal joint. It can be adjusted in angle and height, giving you an ergonomic and good driving position.

Seat widths 35-40-45 and 50 cm, all of which can be individually adjusted. Our large accessories program allows everyone to find a solution tailored to their needs and needs. This makes it easier for everyone to live everyday. Transport height without seat (Steering column folded down)70 cm. Total length: 140 cm. Total width: 66 cm. Total weight incl. batteries, without seat: 144 kg. Max. user weight standard: 175 kg. Max. driving distance with 56 Ah batteries: Up to 35 km. Max. driving distance with 85 Ah batteries: Up to 60 km.