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Mini Motorbike Skateboard Wheelman King 63cc


It is a mini motorbike skater called the Wheelman King that has the same functions as a normal skater but this one looks like a motorbike because it runs on two wheels and it is powered by an engine.The wheelman, or more commonly known as the wheelman king 63cc is a motorized skateboard motorbike combo vehicle for furn ride.

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In this review, we will tell you the facts and figures about the обзор игры wheelman. If you want to ride wheelman, you can learn it in a few minutes if you know how to skate. You can cruise with wheelman for about 1 hour at a speed of 40 km/h.

The wheelman scooter is motorized and unlike electric wheelman it requires petrol fuel. the wheelman обзор игры can hold 1.2 liter of fuel.


Wheelman skateboard is a fun vehicle Don’t worry about how to ride a wheelman as it is easy to learn. ,wheelman gas skateboard or wheelman motorized skateboard will soon be seeing lots of action in the hands of thrill seekers.

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