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Mini V8 Nitro RC Model Engine Hits 10500 RPM


I run the smallest miniature V8 RC production engine that I know of and try to hit the maximum rpm.

source/image(PrtSc): Warped Perception

I first set up the V8 engine, then I open it up to show everybody what’s inside, take a look at the bearings the valves the cam.

I then run this engine at full throttle after that I make some exhaust modifications to try to get a better more realistic sound, then I film the engine in slow motion to show everyone how the valve train works with the cams rocker arms and lifter buckets.


About the engine: this is the new Miniature V8 Nitro Engine Toyan / Howan 28cc 2.7 Cubic inch V8 Engine sold by Engine DIY, it’s a brand new product that will be released in June./Warped Perception