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Miniature 4 Cylinder Engine With Gearbox


The miniature engine in this video is the CISON L4-175 17.5cc Miniature OHV Four-cylinder Four-Stroke Engine that Runs on Gas.With a total of hundreds of metal parts, the L4 engine kit allows you to start a great and challenging project, enter the world of micro mechanical engineering and DIY build your own L4 engine.

source.image: JohnnyQ90

The main body of the engine is made of aluminum CNC in precision processing, a special bimetal cast iron piston ring, high-precision stiffening cylinder liner, integral stiffening crankshaft and sandblasting oxidation on the surface for an impressive beauty and texture. The CDI igniter dedicated to the L4 engine with a compact size and superb anti-interference performance makes the ignition more stable, which is more friendly to users using remote control electronic devices.

The Transmission is a CISON Dual Clutch Transmission Four-Speed Model.Suitable for 1/8 or 1/10 scale model cars, this model accurately restores the appearance and dimensions of a real vehicle’s dual-clutch four-speed transmission, allowing users to observe and learn more intuitively. This model incorporates advanced dual-clutch technology, providing enhanced transmission efficiency and smoother & quicker gear shifts. Through the model’s operation, users can experience the working principle of a dual-clutch transmission.


With four-speed levels, users switch between different gears by the control lever and observe the workings of gears and clutches inside the transmission. The detachable design offers a better understanding of the internal structure and principles of the transmission. Users can disassemble the transmission to observe and learn about the components of gears, clutches, and the transmission system.To ensure product quality and durability, the model is constructed from premium stainless steel and aluminum alloy and undergoes meticulous craftsmanship. Every detail is carefully polished and assembled, resulting in a refined and lifelike model.