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Minor Damaged Plastic Bumper Repair With FiberFlex

Minor damage to plastic bumpers can be economically repaired with FiberFlex universal welding rod from Polyvance. FiberFlex is a universal rod that sticks to nearly any plastic.

source/image(PrtSc): Polyvance.

FiberFlex is a unique repair material in that it sticks to any plastic substrate. It is not a true welding rod, but rather a thermoplastic or hot-melt adhesive.

But it is designed to work best on today’s popular polypropylene and TPO bumpers.FiberFlex is formulated with carbon and glass fiber reinforcement for strength and sandable filler for sandability.


When you do a repair with the FiberFlex, you will actually be using the heat of the welder to apply an adhesive. FiberFlex has a very strong bond and is reinforced with carbon and glass fibers for outstanding strength.