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Modern Fully-Off The Grid DIY Tiny House


This incredible, modern, fully-off-the-grid, DIY tiny house is the stuff that dreams are made of. Inspired by permaculture principles, this stunning tiny house is filled with the special kinds of features you only ever find in do-it-yourself builds.

source/image(PrtSc): Living Big In A Tiny House

Thomas and Caroline decided to build a tiny house as part of a plan to start a market garden business. To save money, they came up with the brilliant idea of finding land for their business and building a tiny house they could take onto the land with them.

Despite not having any prior experience in construction, the couple tackled the build and just over a year later they are now living in their dream tiny house. This tiny home is totally solar powered and even heats its own water using solar thermal tubes on the roof.


The home collects rain-water and also has a clever under-deck rainwater harvesting system. Soon, the home will be surrounded by permaculture-inspired market gardens. This tiny home tour is definitely one you don’t want to miss! We hope you enjoy the full tour of this inspiring build./Living Big In A Tiny House

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