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Modern Tiny House with Hidden Bathroom & Space Saving Furniture

We met up with Catherine and Pascal from Ma Maison Logique to see their latest brilliant tiny house design the “Novio”, is a 210 square foot minimalist stunner with an open concept floor plan and massive picture windows.

image/text credit: Exploring Alternatives 

The Novio is their latest tiny house design measuring 210 square feet. It has clever space saving hidden features, like a composting toilet in a drawer, and a ladder tucked away in the wall, and many extra clever and thoughtful touches.

image/text credit: Exploring Alternatives 

Like a skylight in the loft for stargazing, and massive windows in the living room to take in the beautiful Saint Lawrence River view.The modern minimalist interior design is stunning with white walls and untreated wood storage drawers and closets.


As you can see in the kitchen, the are not lacking any comforts or counter top space. Pascal and Catherine obviously took a lot of time to plan their tiny house when you see how they built in the wood stove and the dining table to work with the living room seating.

The lego style tiny home is a guest house that has access to electricity year round so they’ve installed 2 small electric baseboard heaters and high performing insulation. To manage humidity without losing heat, they installed a heat recovery air exchange ventilator (HRV).