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Modernt Full Electric Mustang By Charge


Charge Cars, the British EV company creating electric vehicles using its game-changing technologies, today unveiled images, video assets and the production specification of its EV ‘67 Fastback Mustang which will be launched this February in the UK and will begin production in Q3 of 2022.

source/image(PrtSc): Charge Cars

The London-based company have totally re-engineered their Mustang, incorporating advanced in-house technologies using their EV expertise to deliver a redefined icon.Charge Cars EV systems are powered by Arrival’s proprietary software and hardware technologies allowing the perfect fusion of iconic design with cutting edge innovation.

The modular battery technology provided by Arrival boasts 63 kWh of power. This, alongside the use of lightweight composite body panels significantly decreases the overall weight of the vehicle giving greater performance, range and efficiency, making
the car suitable as a “daily driver”.The vehicle’s software is under continuous improvement, enabled through regular OTA (over the air) updates, ensuring the vehicle is always equipped with the latest technology.


The user interface design and development is also produced in-house, giving this Electric Mustang a fully connected driving experience for the first time ever.Safety was a key deliverable for this programme. Charge has incorporated an integrated front crash structure, structural door bars and strengthened A pillars, alongside the introduction of ABS, traction control, ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control),The price for this model starts at £350,000 and varies upon options and accessories included.//via: charge.cars

VIACharge Cars
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