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Molly Is The First Dog Trained To Find And Rescue Missing Cats

A rescue dog whose future looked bleak now has a promising career finding lost cats thanks to an animal loving private detective and the charity Medical Detection Dogs.Molly works for The Pet Detectives, based near Guildford , with firm director Colin Butcher, a former Detective Inspector for Surrey Police.

image credit: ThePetDetective / Facebook

“Molly cuts the search time down from a day to half an hour.”“She’s a rescue dog, and she’s had eight months training with medical detection dogs,” he said. “At the end of her training, she broke away and specialised in finding missing cats.”

image credit: getsurrey

Molly, a rescue working Cocker Spaniel, has been trained as the world’s first Cat Detection Dog by Medical Detection Dogs – the ground breaking charity that brought us Cancer Detection dogs and Medical Alert Assistance Dogs for people with life-threatening conditions, such as diabetes.


Molly’s huge sense of smell and olfactory capacity “over a million times greater than a humans” has been harnessed and now Molly reliably scent discriminates for not any cat, but the specific missing cat. As Molly has a keen working disposition, she rises to every challenge and will not give up on a search.

Molly has helped rescue 11 cats so far this year, and The Pet Detective’s search success has increased by a third.