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Mom Tries To Get Baby To Say ‘Mama’, Dog Says Mama And Baby Can’t

This mother is trying to get her child to say Mama but her dog is trying to compete for a treat from mom.A heartwarming video from the Sam Giovanini YouTube account shows a mother using special food from a takeout container to try to coax her daughter into saying “Mama.”

image/text credit:  Sam Giovanini

However, man’s best friend is sitting right next to the baby and immediately starts making grumbling noises because he too would like some of the delicious food in that foam container. You won’t believe who was able to say Mama first in this hilarious viral video.

Dog Says Mama and Baby Can’t – ORIGINAL Home Video of us trying to teach our son to say “Mama” and our trained Australian Shepard Dog stealing the show (but not the food) with his ability to speak.


After a few seconds of Mom coaxing the baby to say “Mama,” the dog gets as close to saying “Mama” as a dog possibly can. The dog barks Mama so well that the baby even seems to notice that the dog had managed to say it before them and reacted by reaching out for the dog’s snout.