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Monster Truck Rescues The National Guard Truck

Everyone’s made a joke about rednecks before. But the fun stops when the world is on the edge. In this video, a monster truck pulls a National Guard truck out of the mud. The monster truck belongs to a group that calls itself “Army Of Rednecks”.

image credit: kilgore9012

One of the National Guard’s massive trucks had gotten stuck in a deep pool of water that had formed in the neighborhood. So the monster truckers stopped to see if they could tow it out.

James, 26, and his team of volunteers, from the Rednecks with Paychecks dirt racetrack, also helped save people in an apartment complex in the Copperfield area of Houston.The trucks have been helping first responders get to places emergency vehicles cannot reach.


Residents have been directed to the volunteer rescue mission through both social media and local news broadcasts,Despite the heartbreaking losses residents are experiencing, James said, “It’s an amazing feeling to see how strong our community is coming together.”