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Monstrous Sea Turtle Washes Up On Spain Beach

A giant sea turtle that washed up at a beach in Spain is shocking people with its almost monstrous size.The turtle, measuring almost 7 feet, washed up at a beach in Calella, nearly 60 kilometres from Barcelona. The creature was so big, officials had to call an excavator to lift the creature.

image credit: ArnauJAner

The turtle was identified as a leatherback sea turtle, whitch was in its advanced stage of decomposition.The size of the enormous turtle has hone viral on social media with several videos floating around.The video footage shows how an excavator is used to remove the turtle.

The animal was already in an advanced stage of decomposition when it was washed up.Sightings of the giant turtles in the Mediterranean are rare, with only ten being spotted in the last 2,000years, biologists told La Vanguardia.


The giant turtles prefer tropical and subtropical waters and are usually found in South America, according to the newspaper.The turtle that was found in Calella will be taken to the Autonomous University of Barcelona, where it will undergo testing.