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Mother Of The Year Opossum Carries 12 Of Her Babies On Her Back

Animals tote their babies in a variety of ways — marsupials like kangaroos, koalas and wallabies have specialized pouches that cradle their still-developing infants, while fish, crocodilians and certain mammals often transport their young using their mouths.But a surprising variety of animals carry their young on their backs.

image/text credit: Inside Edition

A mother opossum was seen walking with not just one but 12 babies on her back. A man captured video of the family outside his office in Wisconsin. At first, he thought he was looking at a mangy cat. In reality, it was just an opossum mom, carrying the weight of her family.

The filmer said the opossum family nearly walked through the open door into the business.Doing the school run is always a balancing act, but this opossum is taking it all in her stride as she ferries 15 babies along a street.


The cute critter was spotted by a passerby who filmed as she strolled along with her brood clinging to her back. As the man who filmed them called out ‘Good morning!’ the opossum and all of her babies turned round to look at him, before continuing their journey.