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Motorcycle Travels Up To 500 Kilometres On Single Litre Of Water

With a bit of knowledge in mechanics and a lot of fantasy, a Brazilian civil servant has created, in his garage in São Paulo, what he calls the “Moto Power H2O”.

image credit: Ruptly TV

Ricardo Azevedo has transformed his 1993 Honda NX 200 into a kind of water-powered motorcycle. The bike uses a car battery to produce electricity, and by the process of electrolysis, separates hydrogen from water molecules.

image credit: Ruptly TV

The inventor Ricardo Azevedo, explained: “This device breaks apart the water molecules transforming it into oxygen and hydrogen. The hydrogen comes out in larger quantities and then I use this hydrogen to run the motorcycle engine.”


The motorcycle was designed to use a combination of one external car battery and water, which is used to generate electricity and separate hydrogen from the molecules of the water. This is a process that makes use of a pipe system, and it results in combustion, which creates the energy the motorcycle needs to run.

According to Azevedo, an electric current from a car battery is fed into a canister of water and a membrane electrode assembly (MEA) breaks it down into hydrogen and oxygen through electrolysis. The result is hydrogen, also called “Brown’s Gas,” oxyhydrogen, or HHO, which is used to power the engine.