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Motormouth Robot KTR-2 – A Robot That’s Able To “Speak” Like a Human Being!!

A research team at Japan’s Kagawa University has developed a robot that’s able to “speak” like a human being. While talking robots are not new by any means, this model isn’t using software but a set of mechanical, human-like vocal organs, for example artificial vocal chords or a tongue and lips that are made of silicone.

source/image: ikinamo

Exhibited speech robot with speech generation organ similar to humans. For example, even if you do not know the meaning in unknown languages, humans can produce sounds that are similar to that sound.

In other words, you can guess how to move through the mouth in order to produce a certain sound. Using already learned data.


So this robot can not teach all the sounds, so if you teach it to a certain extent and use that learning result, even if unknown sound comes in, you can not guess the movement , Began research on autonomous learning.Even if that sounds quite good and let you hear unknown sounds, you can estimate it by reasonable motion and reproduce that sound.