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“Moving In Harness” – Testing a Knight’s Mobility Wearing a Full Metal Armor


“Moving in harness”, a short film by Daniel Jaquet, realised by Vincent Deluz. On display at the exhibition “Armatus Corpus” at the Military Museum, Castle of Morges, Switzerland.

image/text credit:  Medievalists

The issue of mobility in armour is addressed there with striking images of actual armour pieces to demonstrate the range of movement allowed when worn.Today, our contribution follows the same goals, but with other technological means and approach.

In this video we have put in images the deeds of the famous knight Jean le Maingre, known as Boucicaut, which were put in writing in the early 15th century.


It includes a well-known passage where his training in armour is described in some details, outlining what you could actually do in a late medieval armour.Knights in shining armor were the worst idea in military history!