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Multi Headed Nut Wizard,Nut Gathering Tool

Holt’s Nut Wizard manager, Kyle Holt, posted a great video featuring a multi-headed version of their ingenious nut harvesting tool quickly cleaning up a large pile of pecans from a yard. Multi Headed Nut Wizard will pick up through light to medium leaves and will hold up to 40 lbs of pecans when full.

image/text credit: Kyle Holt

The behemoth device comes equipped with ten wire baskets mounted on a steel frame to pick nuts up off the ground and release into a specially designed pallet.Easily picks up nuts and fruits.

Just roll over fruits and nuts lying on the ground and the spring wire head traps them inside. To empty, spread the wire and the captured items fall right out. Or, use the optional wire dumper to make emptying even easier.


The Nut Wizard is also known as a nut gathering tool, nut gatherer, nut picker, nut roller, gum ball picker, nut picker-upper, basket nut tool, nut grabber, yard roller, walnut roller, walnut tool, nut tool, lawn sweeper, walnut rake, lawn whisk, nut collector, acorn rake, sweet gum ball rake, acorn gatherer, acorn picker upper, pecan picker upper, walnut picker upper, pecan retriever, and sticky ball collector.