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Multi Million Dollar Celibrity 2 Story Mega Trailer


Will Smith’s two-story, 1200 sq. ft. mansion-on-wheels has revolutionized what is known as a trailer. The button-operated motor home offers total functionality with absolute luxury. This 2-story mansion looks and feels like a modern luxury home, including conference rooms, 24-hour video surveillance, big screen TVs and fancy guest rooms.

source.image: House8 Media

Its sleek, modern design extends to the custom built kitchen, a luxurious make up area, wardrobe room and a state-of-the-art screening room.The panoramic windows will add to the charm and unique dining experience, and allow guests to enjoy views of the beautiful outdoors – the flat screen TVs might come in handy if all that sounds boring; it doesn’t, at least to me. Watch the video from House8 Media:

This is definitely one of the most insane rolling homes you could even imagine, much less actually design and build! Designer Mackenzie Anderson explains, four-slide-out motorhomes are not unheard of, but Anderson Mobile Estates was the first company to make the roof expand as well.


It has a screening room for dailies, a makeup room with a back door that allows people to come in and out of the trailer without ever stepping into the actor’s space, a bedroom, stairs, and a whole lot more. Impressively, all of it has to collapse in order to allow the trailer to be moved, so every door and appliance has to be as smart as it is luxurious. It has 22 bikes, 14 TV screens, $30,000 worth of leather and more than $100,000 worth of various technology. And how much does such a trailer cost? The motorhome costs around 2.5 million dollars.