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Mutilated Money – This Government Agency Will Give You a Fresh Stack!

Let’s set the scene: you’ve just discovered your pup chewed away at your entire life savings. Or, last month’s rent was suddenly burned to a crisp after being left in the oven.Bizarre mistakes happen, but what can you do?

source/image: Great Big Story

Submit a claim over to the U.S. Department of Treasury where Eric Walsh, assistant manager of the Mutilated Currency Division, will examine and reimburse you for your damaged stacks.

Currency can become mutilated in any number of ways. The most common causes are: fire, water, chemicals, and explosives; animal, insect, or rodent damage; and petrification or deterioration by burying.


It looks like painstaking, but interesting, work. They reimburse about $40 million every year. If you receive damaged currency, or if your currency becomes damaged, knowing how to have that money replaced can help ensure you do not suffer any losses.