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Mysterious Dog-Monkey Creature Captured On Gopro!

The World is full of unexplained and weird mysteries. Every day people see strange creatures and some of them are lucky enough to capture a picture or video of these weird creatures, while others are left with amazing stories to tell.This is exactly what this guy captured on video in Hungary.

image credit: György Mohl

There is a small path at the side of the village, and i just wanted to have some footage of it for my future bike videos. It all went well (actually, it was just the test ride), but something jumped down from the wall at the end. I noticed it a bit earlier than it’s visible on the video, so i had a little more time to react and avoid crash (i’m not sure but i think it even touched the rear end of my bike).

There are gardens on both sides, so i didn’t care about it too much, i thought it was a dog (though it was a really scary moment 😀 ). However now that i watched the footage, it somehow looked a bit strange. I’m not really good at recognizing animals, this is why i’m uploading it, hopefully someone knows them better (didn’t even cut the record, maybe this way it’ll stay in good quality after uploading).


It was really silent, i barely heard its landing. It either ran back down to the channel, or climbed up the wall, so i couldn’t see it again. (i heard some noise far from the bushes, but i’m not sure if that came from it).First I thought it was a dog, only watching the recording made mequestion it,that there are no monkeys in that area naturally , so it either was an escaped monkey, or something really unusual..!