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Mysterious Earthquake Proof Star-Shaped Stone Towers Of The Himalayas

The unexplained and mysterious earthquake proof towers of the Himalayas are located between central Tibet and China. Once there were thousands of these very modern looking stone towers in the region, now several hundred still stand scattered about.

image/text credit: enigmadigest

No one knows who built them or what purpose they served.Their secrets have been lost in time.According to what the locals say, the enigmatic unknown towers withstand the force of earthquakes!

image credit: enigmadigest

Living in the area monks were not able to shed light on these puzzling structures that in some way, do not fit the landscape of the Himalayas.The star-shaped towers have never been mentioned in centuries-old monastery documents.via(ancientpages).


There are approximately two hundred fifty unique freestanding Tibetan towers located in five geographical regions in Sichuan Province, mostly in the areas inhabited by minority (non-Han).

There is also an explanation that they could represent the dmu cord. According to Tibetan legend, “dmu” cord connect heaven and earth. This one I like much better, a star may symbolize connection to the sky.All those towers could have been raised as a symbol of extraterrestrial visitation on earth.