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Neoplan Skyliner Nh22l Mega Rv Camper Bus Motorhome


This is a custom built Neoplan Skyliner NH22L Rv Camper Bus Motorhome built by roadyachting. The luxuriously equipped bus also has three roofs that can be opened separately.Even in the summer months, these ensure optimal ventilation options, additional headroom and excellent all-round visibility on the Nightliner. HDTV, DVB-S (satellite TV), DVD player and various sound systems are available for your entertainment.

source/image(PrtSc): JARO SPEED

With the Roadyachting Bus Service, your events, your promotion tour, vacation or celebration will be an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.The sophisticated construction of the individual modules and interior spaces ensures that the spaces available in the bus can be used optimally. Watch the video from JARO SPEED:

The implementation with high-quality materials and materials for the interior fittings of the road yacht offer you a pleasant ambience and luxurious comfort.Thanks to the modular design, the upper deck can be set up as a mess or sleeping option in the shortest possible time.


Experience extraordinary motorcycle or bicycle trips and use the road yacht as a modern and comfortable arrival option and as a base station. There is enough space in the hold for the safe transport of 2 motorcycles and 2 bicycles / e-bikes to take your own vehicles with you. If there is not enough storage space, a trailer can be used at any time.via/read more: roadyachting


  • Neoplan Skyliner NH22L
  • Engine:11940ccm / 6cyl. / 176KW / 240hp
  • Weight: 20,5t
  • L:12.000mm W:2.500mm, H: 4.000mm
  • Wheels: 9 Alcoa wheels, 22,5 x 8,25′
  • Year:1971
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