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New High Quality Photos Of Area 51 Like Never Seen Before Using High-Tech Cameras

A pair of explorers took some photographs of one of the most guarded US Army bases, Area 51 and they are some of the clearest photographs that we have seen to date.YouTube channel UFO Seekers have decided to do some 21st century digging in into the Nevada desert searching for the reputed military base that has been thought to store UFOs and run tests on living captive alien life forms.

image credit: UFO Seekers

The high-tech cameras the alien hunters used capture amazing photos and video of the area.Because Area 51 is restricted to the Army, the alien hunters had to climb an 8,000 foot mountain about 25 miles away to get a good look from a high place.

image credit: UFO Seekers

Equipped with their amazing telescopic lens, they peered off the top of Tikaboo Peak to look down on Area 51 and the surrounding area. They were shocked to see so much military activity.In the video clip, you’ll see cars and SUVs driving around the roads and runways in the top secret base.


Check out the video below. Many people are impressed with the “quality” of the video. Many supposed UFO sightings are often captured in grainy or hard-to-see images. What you see below is much more straight forward and clear.

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