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New Ineos Fusilier Electric Off Roader


Ineos Automotive revealed on Friday its third vehicle, an all-electric SUV called the Fusilier. Like its first SUV, the Grenadier, the Fusilier sports a squared-off, retro-inspired design. In addition to a purely electric variant, Ineos will offer the Fusilier with a gas-powered range-extender option.

source.image: DPCcars

The Fusilier will deliver “world-class off-road capability with zero compromise to on-road performance,” according to Ineos. Shorter and lower than the Grenadier, the Fusilier will be built on a skateboard platform featuring a steel top hat, a steel underbody, and aluminum doors. Ineos has yet to release details on the Fusilier’s 4×4 powertrain, so we don’t know things like battery size or range.

Going by photos released by Ineos, the Fusilier looks to have some real off-road chops, with all-terrain tires, a front skid plate, and high bumpers. The hood and door designs remind us of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. According to Top Gear, the shorter, lower silhouette and things like active grille shutters were used to improve efficiency.


Ineos says it partnered with Magna to develop the Fusilier. The SUV will be built at Magna’s facility in Graz, Austria. It joins cars like the G-Class, the BMW Z4, the Toyota Supra, and the Fisker Ocean as other cars contracted to be built by the company. Expect more news from Ineos on the Fusilier’s powertrain and launch details by Fall of this year.