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New Lamborghini Urus SE Plug-in Hybrid


This is the new Lamborghini Urus S E plug-in hybrid. The new SUV mates a 4 liter V8 petrol engine, making six hundred twenty horsepower with one electric motor making one hundred ninety two horsepower, housed inside the eight-speed transmission.

source.image: REC Anything

The total system output is 800 horsepower, making the S E the most powerful Urus available, and allowing a 0 to 62 mph miles per hour acceleration time of 3.4 seconds.

The Urus S E comes with a 25.7 kilowatts hour lithium-ion battery mounted below the cargo floor, good for over 37 miles of pure electric range.


Driven in EV mode, the SUV tops out at 81 miles per hour. After that, the V8 engine automatically kicks in.