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New Rezvani Tank Bulletproof Aggressive Military Style SUV


The new Rezvani Tank for 2020 is an aggressive military style SUV! The off-roader comes with over 1,000hp,full bulletproof protection, and a seemingly endless list of gadgets to go along with it, and is fully road legal. Let’s take a first look at the brand new model and a run through everything it can do.

source/image(PrtSc): Shmee150

From a safety system point of view; we have bullet proof windows with a front windscreen to handle an AK-47, an underbody to deal with explosions beneath.

The door handles can be electrified to prevent access at the switch of a button, as well as a permanently recording video camera system to the cloud. Front and rear are equipped with blinding bright lights, as well as fake exhausts to prevent intrusions to the powertrain, and down below it can drop tacks and also spray a smoke screen. Inside is a survival kit including gas masks and everything else you could need.


The new 2020 model features a more sporty design and aims slightly more towards road usage, being based on the updated Jeep Wrangler and all accompanying interior comforts that come with that.//Shmee150

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