Home CONSTRUCTION New Tiny Houses Built Inside Old Emergency Staircases

New Tiny Houses Built Inside Old Emergency Staircases


This is an epic renovation transformation! A row of 6 derelict emergency exits at the back of an 1880s heritage building were repurposed and renovated into modern tiny houses in the City of Montreal. Each tiny home is 350 square feet and has three floors. The first floor has all of the amenities like a kitchen and dinette, a tiny bathroom, and a combo washer dryer.

source.image: Exploring Alternatives

A curved staircase leads up to the second floor which houses the living room and home office with a sofa, TV, folding desk, and storage space. Another set of stairs leads up to the third floor which is the bedroom and closet area, with a double bed with integrated storage, a dresser, and an open closet.

These tiny homes were designed as long term rentals for students or for anyone looking for a tiny home in the City of Montreal. It’s an impressive project that managed to create new homes in underused spaces, and is part of a broader movement towards densification to help provide homes to more people in the city.


This project was initiated by a developper (Forum) and designed by an architecture firm (Le Borgne Rizk). You can follow and find out more about each of these companies at the links below.